Let’s Start Here

That’s me, the little barefooted one. I hope I wasn’t whining. I hate whining!

I’m a southern girl, Atlanta born with the accent and birth certificate to prove it. The youngest of three girls, I looked up to my sisters until I outgrew them by about six inches. They taught me everything I needed to know about being a girl, including how to hook my bra in the back, how to put on mascara, and how to kiss my date “goodbye” at the screen door, unless I didn’t want to (at which time the screen door became my best friend). I wanted to be just like them. I guess I’ll settle on being their much taller and much younger baby sister.

My first husband was my high school sweetheart. Incidentally, he’s still both my husband and my sweetheart, and we celebrated 25 years of marriage in April 2010. We have two teenaged sons who I’ve homeschooled since the 3rd and 1st grades. They’ve taught me more than I’ve taught them. Currently, I’m learning how to be the mother of teenagers. So far, so good.


6 thoughts on “Let’s Start Here

  1. I have just been reading your blog! And thank you for putting me on your blogroll, I’m honored. When I figure out how to add you to mine, I will…I didn’t even know I had one one?? I’ll figure it out. Looks like you have been doing this longer than I have and are way more in control. I feel like I fly by the seat of my pants!
    Best wishes, always and thanks for all your kind words. J

  2. The Cuteness just keeps coming, we really enjoyed your gift of homemade bread around the end of the winter CSA season. Thank you. You always make me smile because I can ‘hear’ you talk as you write. May you and your family be blessed this week, of course you are, why wouldn’t HE bless you?
    Farmer Floyd

    • Thank you, Farmer Floyd, for such kind words. For a beautiful picture of some of the treasures found in Floyd’s CSA garden, click on the Blog Dtales tab and look for the Quest for Healthy Living 2012 January post.

  3. I adore everything you have written, especially the title of your blog. I too am older than I think and younger than I feel! LOVE this! Dtells Dtales! How clever Denise!

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