Easy Does It, Springtime

I love that it’s early spring and not Christmastime.

I know, I know, that sounds odd since practically everybody waxes poetic each December about how Christmas is their favorite time of the year. I’m sure I’ve said the same thing many years of my life. But now, I’m changing that tune.

I love it that the decorations are bursting naturally outside my windows today rather than inside with age-worn, faded ribbons and dented bows unpacked from tattered boxes and stuffed-way-too-full bins brought down with dread from the attic.
IMG_5478I love the hope and freshness and newness springtime brings.

I love that the house is simpler, less cluttered, with a simple dish of painted ceramic Easter eggs my aunt painted years ago. I love that changing out placemats and colored napkins counts as decorating for the season. IMG_5213
I love the space.

I love the margin.

I love the birds’ chirping every morning and catching a glimpse of the Eastern bluebird as it flies to and from its house on the pole in our front yard. I love the high-pitch chorus of the babies inside waiting their mommy bird’s return with something delicious for them.

I love the hint of color in the treetops as the redbuds introduce their newest fashion and the annual surprise when I remember the little “helicopters” that twirl to the ground were the clusters of red color hanging overhead.

I love the splashes of white and green from the dogwood trees right outside my window. The naturally planted dogwoods were one of the main attractions for us to this property 25 years ago, but then their leaves were crimson. We had only the promise that spring would come and bring the white blossoms.

We believed. We trusted. It happened. Year after year. And I still love them.

Yes, I’m happy it’s springtime.

Be blessed.

How I Used Memoires at a Writing Conference

Have you held on to paper calendars through the years so you can remember what you did long ago? Do you journal or keep a diary? Are you like me and have several journals around, partially written in? Maybe you have a journal for different topics. Or did you forego the paper route and decide to get techy by journaling on your computer, only to discover organizing the entries was a bit tricky? 

I tried that years ago—named a folder JOURNALING, but I never was consistent with saving the entries and ended up with a hodgepodge of file names and a cluttered mess.

Wired towards using a calendar efficiently, I’m a big fan of iCal on the Mac. That’s why I was excited back in January to discover the Memoires app by Coding Robots. It’s the perfect solution for typing journal entries at the glance of a calendar. When an entry is made, that number is bolded on the calendar. 

My favorite feature is the automatic file naming: with one click the date becomes the file name, or it can be renamed something different altogether. That’s what led me to use it yesterday in an entirely new way.

I attended the Blue Ridge Writers’ Conference in the mountains of beautiful north Georgia and as always was taking copious notes. I first opened a Pages document, but I knew I’d have to go through all the steps of deciding where to file them and wondered how in the world would be the best way to recall them when I need them and so on. I’d already started a journal entry for the day when it dawned on me that I could use the same method for note-taking during the conference. 

So here’s how I used Memoires: with each speaker, I started a new entry. That’s as simple as clicking on the + sign on the bottom left corner. I titled each with the speaker’s name and session title, and then my fingers got busy typing what the speakers said. One person asked me if I were a court reporter. Not exactly, just a former administrative assistant who was darn good at dictation. 


If I want to do any more with these notes, I can copy them into a word processing document, but I can’t think of a better place for them to live than right there in my 2014 Journal that resides in my Mac’s dock. (I’m actually typing this blogpost in Memoires and will copy over to my blog when I finish editing.)

Check it out for yourself at codingrobots.com. I’ll bet you can come up with even more ways to use Memoires in your own situation. Happy writing and remembering.