In the Beginning

Welcome to the the Dtales of my life, where I send out random thoughts, not on schedule, but on inspiration. As a homeschool mom since January 2004, my role has changed with how much my boys need my direct attention on a day-to-day basis. The result is an unemployed, over-qualified homemaker, church production volunteer, and chocoholic banging her head against the walls ready to tackle more than the laundry basket.

It didn’t take long to experience some disappointments in this writing business. Being promoted to editor of a small magazine with copy ready to go to print only to find out that the publisher pulled the plug; being hired as a copyeditor for a new e-zine, only to have the owners disappear without word; having an editor approve an article set to print, but never making it to paper. Three strikes, and I’m out? Not a chance! Let’s move on and make it happen.

After Acing a graduate class in fiction and nonfiction writing with encouraging remarks from the professor, winning some contests with the Georgia Writers Association, and a positive review by a professional critic, my tank was fueled. I’ve been working on a fiction manuscript since the summer of 2008, and I’m listening for these characters to tell their story. Surrounding myself with good company and with the full support of my husband and sons, I’m set to go.

I’m working towards being that thing I’m supposed to be when I grow up by leaning into God’s thumbprints on my life. I hope you’ll wish me positive thoughts, and hey, if you see a dragonfly buzz by, send it my way. Thanks!

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