It’s Not About Me

I’ve been reluctant to send out this request, since Chris and I are of the mindset that we are responsible for our own actions and debts. Our track record proves that to be true. God has been faithful to us as we’ve dug ourselves out of some seriously deep holes through the years.

Our story:

You may know that the Lanes’ world has revolved around baseball for years and as much as I’d wanted to go on a mission trip in the past, I’d resolved that it would never happen, that Chris was fulfilling his mission—so to speak—on the baseball field by coaching and being a good example for his players locally. We’d serve locally too—the boys and I each doing our part in our children’s ministry, UpStreet. But back in February, that all changed when our pastor, Andy Stanley, challenged everyone to BE BOLD.

When Chris heard the words that Andy spoke about moving to the next level, not being complacent, not being content with being a big church, relaxing, settling down and being proud of what we all have but instead to use that to move to the next step, he was moved. When I asked him that evening what he’d thought about the sermon, with tears streaming down his face, Chris made the bold statement that our family needed to go to Moldova. I was blown away seeing my husband so moved. That was the Holy Spirit. If you know Chris well, you know what I mean. A decision of this caliber would not have been made on his own. He’s not a “mission trip kind of guy.”

Once I picked myself up off the floor, we got the wheels rolling, checked the calendars heavily laden with baseball tourneys, Braves games, and camps and found the week of the trip virtually clear. Uncanny. We told the boys. They were on board. Then we had to see if our entire family would be allowed to go, because this trip was not set up as a family event, and it would mean enlarging the team numbers. By the next morning, clearance had been given. It was official. The Lanes were planning their first mission trip.

Stunned. Overwhelmed. Excited. But at peace simultaneously.

Back to my reluctance—It seemed that everyone I know was planning a mission trip somewhere and requests for donations flooded. Frankly, when the topic of fundraising for the trip came up, I tuned out. I didn’t want to add to the bevy or be a burden to anyone. It will be our responsibility, I told myself.

I listened as our other team members reported gifts from friends who made sizable donations to the trip. I was perplexed. Then it dawned on me. Why is it so easy for me to give, but so difficult to ask? I was living on one side of the coin. By not giving others the opportunity to give, I was selfishly keeping all the glory for myself. I know it’s better to give than to receive, which is why it’s easier for me to give, but it feels so awkward to ask.

As I’ve come to learn, it’s not about us. Thinking it was shows how simple my mind works, but this time it’s God’s work. Ultimately, God is using us to lead people of another nation into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. As Bronson’s JROTC Colonel stated, not everyone can go on a mission trip, but anyone can give to make it happen. So that’s where the BE BOLD part comes back. As awkward as it may be for me to ask, I’m reminded once again that it’s not about me. We are simply the tools being used to complete a mission half-way around the world, and the cost is great.

We invite you to take part of God’s never-ending story by helping send us to this poor nation in eastern Europe, where the culture lacks the influence of a Higher Power. It is our mission to replicate our children’s ministry environment, in some fashion, for the children there while their parents learn to have an appetite for something bigger than themselves—a God who loves them.

For our family to take part in the trip, our cost is $11,600. Whether you can give $5, $50, $500, or any other amount, we want you to have the opportunity to be a part of this journey with us. As my mother used to say, “Every little bit helps, said the old lady who tee-teed in the ocean.”

But hurry! We leave in three weeks (June 24), so I’m asking you boldly. If you feel so moved and would like to make a tax-deductible donation towards our trip, do it today. Here are two easy ways to make it happen:

On-line giving: Moldova Partner Development UpStreet

Go to
Click on “give” on the top right side of the page
Fill in your contact information
Under globalX Trip Information:
—Select Moldova in the “Country” drop down
—Select Moldova UpStreet – 06/24/11–07/03/11 in the “Trip” drop down
—Type the name of the name of the person you are supporting in the “Individual” field.
Fill in your credit card information in the secure fields (Visa or Master Card accepted)
Click “Review Donation Information” and finalize your transaction
A confirmation email will be sent to you and will serve as your receipt to use for tax purposes.

How to give to our trip by check:

Make the check payable to North Point Ministries.
On the memo line write: Moldova UpStreet
PLEASE DO NOT PUT OUR NAMES ON THE CHECK, but please attach a note that says for the Lane family so that our account is properly credited.
Drop it in the mail to: North Point Community Church
Attn: Anna Simmons
4350 NorthPoint Parkway
Alpharetta, GA 30022

Thank you so much. Above all else, please pray for our team and our safe travels. God is blessing us. Thanks for being a part of our lives.

Chris, Denise, Braeden and Bronson Lane