Running the Base Path of Life

In the haste of our everyday busy lives, have you stopped lately and stepped back to evaluate where you are? Are you living the life you were designed to live? Are you in line with God’s plan for your life? Or is life dashing by you so quickly that you haven’t had a chance to consider if you’re on the right path or just trying to keep up?

Summer was here only a few breaths ago. Halloween is this weekend, which always marks the beginning of the whirlwind holiday season that will be over before we know it. Just yesterday I heard someone talking about planning a party in the doldrums of January. Life is flying by us at record speed. Are you living your life or just passing through the days?

Each year we start off with those darn resolutions, set new goals, work them a while, and then get caught up in school activities, children’s sports teams, maybe a new assignment at work. The pool opens; vacations come next if you’re lucky, and then you’re shopping the back-to-school sales.

This year for my family, time could be marked by the Atlanta Braves.

From our visit to Orlando back in March for spring training to opening day, including Jason Heyward’s first major league game at-bat, a homerun, to the Bobby Cox retirement day to capturing the NLCS Wildcard.

We were there for all of it and much of it in between. Our year of 2010 can be marked off by game, series, and score. Many date nights with my husband at the spectacular SunTrust Club or complete family outings for the four of us dotted our calendar. The Braves games are what we did.

Now that season is over. The World Series begins tomorrow without our team’s playing. As a family, we’ve moved on to other things. JROTC for 2son, Tripwire band for 1son, an Octoberfest party for sweet friends, church commitments, business bids, college planning, writing a novel, volunteer work for enAble. Did I mention homeschooling? Yes, that too.

We stopped, evaluated where we are as a family, and I came to the conclusion that even as hectic as it is, it’s exactly where I need to be right now, and in the noble words of Mary Poppins, it’s “practically perfect in every way.”

Even though I get frustrated sometimes that my accomplishments are coming slower than I’d like, I focus on the family and think that God is blessing us richly. I pray that we can, in turn, be a blessing to others.