Just Go

As the hairstylist guided my head back into the sink bowl to wash my hair, I spotted a framed piece of artwork angled on top of a shelf a few feet away. An interesting piece, a painting of a woman. Someone familiar, but not really. Mixed media—paint, lace or ribbon, even a large link chain draped across the bottom, but what struck me were the eyes. These eyes had been painted by someone who understood beauty.  

Turns out it was the shop owner’s personal work. I had no idea he was an artist other than with hair, but that doesn’t surprise me. Creative people often have the gift of creating in different mediums. That excites me. That makes me happy for them that they’re able to produce something lovely out of other materials. An idea. A vision. A little urge. Something. Something frees them to go, go out and do. Go out and create. 

Don’t be confined within the lines.

Perhaps that’s my problem.

Coloring books.

Instead of blank paper. 

No, don’t go placing blame. You had plenty of blank paper.

Accept the truth.

Just go.


Believe in yourself.

The lines don’t matter. The lines are blurred. 

Paint. Draw. Write. Create. Just go.

Someone is waiting to see it when she puts her head back in the bowl.