An Ode to the Southern Belle

I love this post so much that I had to share. Southern Belles, don’t get swept up in all the yahoo noise of today. What we share by our birthright has been recognized by one Southern gentleman and worded so nicely that you’ll likely want to change your baby’s diaper, change a tire, and then change your license plate to say BELLE. Enjoy.


After reading a scathing attack in some yankee newspaper, I set out to write a spirited defense of the Southern Belle. After several well-meaning attempts that quickly descended into yankee bashing (always fun, but not quite the point), I realized I was making a grave mistake for two reasons. First, it allows the yankee hit-piece to falsely elevate itself to a place of importance—masquerading as a piece worthy of response. It was not.  Secondly, never—in the annals of history—has there been a creation less in need of my defense than the Southern Belle.  Regardless, being the gentleman that I am, when some shrill, soulless harpy from up north decided to needlessly attack them, something had to be done. Since mounting a defense seemed to imply she had done something that placed her in need of “defending,” I decided instead to laud her—offering praise for who she is, how she conducts…

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One thought on “An Ode to the Southern Belle

  1. This is absolutely the best thing I have read in a while!! My southern roots run deep. My great, great grandmother kept Sherman’s men from burning down our family home place – and she was only 4’11” tall! I love that story! She was a Steel Magnolia!! Thank you for sharing! May I? From one Southern Belle/Steel Magnolia to another, thank you!

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