Easy Does It, Springtime

I love that it’s early spring and not Christmastime.

I know, I know, that sounds odd since practically everybody waxes poetic each December about how Christmas is their favorite time of the year. I’m sure I’ve said the same thing many years of my life. But now, I’m changing that tune.

I love it that the decorations are bursting naturally outside my windows today rather than inside with age-worn, faded ribbons and dented bows unpacked from tattered boxes and stuffed-way-too-full bins brought down with dread from the attic.
IMG_5478I love the hope and freshness and newness springtime brings.

I love that the house is simpler, less cluttered, with a simple dish of painted ceramic Easter eggs my aunt painted years ago. I love that changing out placemats and colored napkins counts as decorating for the season. IMG_5213
I love the space.

I love the margin.

I love the birds’ chirping every morning and catching a glimpse of the Eastern bluebird as it flies to and from its house on the pole in our front yard. I love the high-pitch chorus of the babies inside waiting their mommy bird’s return with something delicious for them.

I love the hint of color in the treetops as the redbuds introduce their newest fashion and the annual surprise when I remember the little “helicopters” that twirl to the ground were the clusters of red color hanging overhead.

I love the splashes of white and green from the dogwood trees right outside my window. The naturally planted dogwoods were one of the main attractions for us to this property 25 years ago, but then their leaves were crimson. We had only the promise that spring would come and bring the white blossoms.

We believed. We trusted. It happened. Year after year. And I still love them.

Yes, I’m happy it’s springtime.

Be blessed.

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