Caffeine or Life?

Oh boy, I’m feeling sorry for the writing group I’m in right now, because in less than an hour they’ll have to be at a table with me. In a place where you’re supposed to sit still, concentrate, contemplate, and compilate (questionable word), I feel like the little silver ball inside a pinball machine trying to maneuver itself through the crystal department at Macy’s. BING! Crash.

Maybe it was the Italian Roast from Starbucks this morning that kicked me into fifth gear, having skipped over second through fourth, but whatever it is, I’m feeling like I could take no prisoners today. WooHoo! Maybe it was getting up at dark-thirty, dressing, and leaving the house with headlights on low beam scouting for deer (actually, I think Bambi and friends were still sleeping) to get a big jump on the day that has put me ahead of the eight ball today. Regardless, I hope I won’t be too obnoxious for this writing group.

It’s been a week now since I submitted my manuscript, and it’s such a freeing feeling. I’ve had a birthday, lots of celebrations, and lots of ideas bouncing around my noggin. I’m excited about possibilities. I’m excited about friends. I’m excited about the season. I’m excited about life. What are you excited about today?


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