Gratitude: having a thankful attitude

This morning I’m cashing in the gift of an extra hour due to Daylight Savings Time’s ending last night. In years past I’ve waited as much as a week to decide when I wanted to “take” my extra free hour, but this year I decided to get a jump start on it. So now it’s 6:00 AM on a Sunday morning. The sky is dark outside, and I’ve found my perch in my family room where my laptop awaited me.

Luckily, the preprogrammed coffee pot didn’t get the message about the time change, so it’s still thinks it’s 7:00, or else I’d be waiting another hour for hot coffee. Getting up early before the rest of the family feels like entering a secret world—where all the day’s possibilities lie undisturbed, waiting to be selected like new tubs of ice cream through glass coolers at an ice cream parlor ready to be stacked into a magnificent cone.

It’s an UpStreet day, of course, so in a matter of a few hours I’ll be on stage with a couple hundred children and leaders in front of me waiting to see what shenanigans DJ is going to have for them today. All sorts of serious fun wrapped up in the simple message of a big idea, gratitude. I hope God’s message will come through all of us involved in the production so that these children realize without a doubt that the messages we present them each week can guide them the rest of their lives.

As for me, it’s been a rich week filled with authors: musings with Terry Kay, a private book launch party for Karen White’s new release Falling Home, and yesterday’s Georgia Writers Association’s Red Clay Conference, where I saw among others Jack Riggs of The Fireman’s Wife and Jeffrey Stepakoff, whose first release, Fireworks Over Toccoa came out earlier this year. Incidentally, I had purchased that novel two weeks ago at the area’s best indie bookstore, FoxTale Book Shoppe in Woodstock. I’m a loyal fan of the foxes. They’ve become not just a bookstore but friends, and I’m truly grateful to them.

Yep, gratitude is the lesson we’ll be teaching the kids this month. Having a thankful attitude, and it should be an easy one. I’m starting with myself.


4 thoughts on “Gratitude: having a thankful attitude

  1. DJ,
    I’m being challenged by the idea of gratitude too. Realizing I carry more frustration than gratitude in my personal life, and so I want to turn over a new leaf this month. Luv ya!

    • With all the leaves falling this time of year, Anna, it’s a great time to turn one of them over. You can do it. You are one who can work through any challenge or frustrations with an optimal goal in mind. LU2

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