Boogie Shoes?

It’s that between-season time of the year when wearing certain colors would be taboo to a proper Southern lady, but cooler morning temperatures call for a change in dressing habits. After months of torrid days, the chill in the air is most welcome. Not quite packing away those summer shorts and tee shirts yet but having the opportunity to switch to 3/4-length sleeves, capris, and maybe a vest almost qualifies as fun. Afternoon temps here in the sunny South will most likely mean a change of clothes back to the shorter versions, but at least I’ve had a taste of something different for a half-day reprieve. Too soon for long pants and jackets, I’ll gladly take it one step at a time. Plus, I really like this new vest I picked up on sale recently.

That leaves the question of shoes though. What do we do with our peds? Sandals will be fine after lunch, but if we wore them in the morning, the little piggies would have to change their tune to “brrr brrr brrr” all the way home. Too soon for boots and not wanting to go the athletic route with sports shoes with my capris, I scanned the clear shoeboxes lined up on the closet shelves.

There it was. Tan. The perfect between-times color. Not too light, not too dark. Neutral. Like Switzerland. I pulled down a box that obviously had been stowed up there for over a year and found two pairs crammed inside. One was too dressy; the other would do. I had to laugh though. They were clearly not my normal style, something of a flat huarache sling back. They look like something a little old lady would wear. I’m far from little, resist being old, and strive to be a lady, so I settled on the shoes for the day.

As I garnered my props to write while sitting in a rocking chair outside the library awaiting it to open, I had to laugh again when I looked down and saw my dearly-departed mother’s feet at the end of my legs. These shoes look exactly like some she would have worn. Though they may not be my favorite pair, they work for now in this between-season, but the best part of all is that it brought my sweet mother’s memory front and center and made me smile. Now if only I could dance as well as she did.

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