A mid-week Monday?

Yikes! I haven’t gotten started yet, and I’m already behind. Don’t you hate waking up with a deficit? This must be how Uncle Sam feels every morning.

It’s the last day of school for us before spring break, but my head is already into next week. Knowing I needed to fill a couple lunch boxes, I went to the freezer in the garage to retrieve a loaf of homemade bread, tossed it in the microwave on the thaw cycle, and ran back upstairs to print something off the computer for #1 son. Meanwhile, he brings me something requiring a parent’s signature, and # 2 son informs me of his classmates’ activities for next week and  inquires if I’ve completed the graduation packet that was due two days ago. Yikes! I know I did something with it a while back, but was it completed? And it’s past due? How does this happen when I’m so on top of things! I mean, come on, my shelves are almost straight now. That was supposed to help, wasn’t it?

I grab the package and discover that I was supposed to have created some lovely memorial page for our upcoming 8th grade graduate. I scatter a few words, upload a couple photos, and call it done. As my husband is backing out the driveway to take them to school and I’m dashing downstairs guilt-ridden with the time and effort I put into said memorial page stuffing it in the envelope when I hear, “Mom,  did you make lunch?”

Oh geeze, the bread was still in the microwave. That’s what I get for muting the ready signal on it. Maybe it’s not really a ready signal, but a focus alarm. “Hello! It’s your microwave calling. Remember? A little while ago you needed me. I did what you asked. Come back to me, Scatter Brain.”

As wonderful hubs leaves with our sons, now a stop by Publix for 6″ subs added to his trip, I come inside and marvel at the whirlwind that passed through my otherwise peaceful home within the last hour. It’s Wednesday wearing a Monday overcoat. I better change something right now, because I have an important lunch meeting today concerning my manuscript. Focus, DJ, Focus.

Dear God, Forgive how scatterbrained I’ve become. Please guide me and help me focus on what is important and needs to be done.

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