Color My World

Is it Friday already? It’s been one of those crazy, out-of-the ordinary weeks for my family. The world was already in motion with its spin, when we dropped in somewhere mid-rotation. I must admit everyone did better than I had expected joining the game during the second inning—appointments were kept, assignments turned in, jobs bid, baseball games played and won.

I’ve celebrated with my children this week as we laughed, played, and reminisced about their first trip to Disney World almost six years earlier. I’ve cried tears this week for a friend who has been diagnosed with cancer and for another friend who lost her brother in the middle of the night after having lost her mother only a short time ago. I’ve  celebrated St. Patty’s Day with my most Irish friend who is going through a divorce and wished him bright beginnings. I’ve texted my husband updates on baseball scores while we were on different fields with different sons. I’ve read chapters from different novels and thought of the authors crafting those words thankful that they took the time to tell their stories. I’ve held my great big Golden Retriever in my lap and smiled when I heard his tail tap out a beat of happiness. I’ve found on iTunes some old favorite songs from the college days and downloaded them to my library, songs that make me sing, dance, smile.

Last night I drove home from a varsity baseball game with my older teenage son just as the sun was setting. The sky had been colored with various clouds all afternoon, but when the sun’s rays hit them, the sky was outlined and streaked in the most magnificent colors. “Look how beautiful!” I said to him. “Oh wow!” he said, for a moment disengaging from the electronic device he held. He really got it.

I’ve woken up each morning to a fresh canvas waiting for its splash of color. Each night a completed canvas filed away as simply as pulling off a page-a-day calendar, some standing out more than others. It’s a new day; I better get busy painting it.

Dear God, Thank you for the variety of experiences you pack into my days and for all the different people I get to meet along the way.

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