A Slice of Time

It’s funny waking up in your own bed the morning after you’ve been away on a trip. When the awareness of home materializes in your sleepy groggy brain, a sense of order starts happening subconsciously. An “oh yeah, I went to the store yesterday,” along with an “I’m glad I already unpacked the suitcases.” Couple that with “What is on the schedule for today? How’s the weather” and “I remember all those new clothes that I bought before we left that are waiting for me in the closet” and you have a lot of things to think about before ever rolling out of bed.

Going away on a little trip is refreshing in many ways despite all the aggravations associated with traveling these days. Inevitably, on the return trip home, someone in the family announces the item he left back at the the hotel, in the rental car, or on the airplane. As we swallow the cost of replacement, we get used to life without said item.

We go back to our grocery store where the same clerks are stocking shelves, scanning items, and bagging recycled shopping bags. Their unawareness of how we might have changed, experiences we’ve lived, and miles traveled saddens us. We announce any big news to the ones with whom we are familiar. They smile and comment and know they’ll never have the chance themselves. They turn back to the cottage cheese and fabric softener.

Life goes on.

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